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Walker County Enlists New Weapon in Dropout Battle

WALKER COUNTY, Ga. (WRCB) Ombudsman Educational Services and the Walker County Georgia School System announced they will expand their alternative education program for middle and high school students.Ombudsman Educational Services currently offers personalized, computer assisted learning to 90 students who may benefit from an alternative learning environment. The program will expand in the fall to accommodate 40 additional students in Buy Cialis Spain night school sessions."We are thrilled to bring the Ombudsman program to more Walker County students, because it addresses several factors that contribute to our drop out rate," Walker County School System Superintendent Melissa Mathis said. "We can now provide our students with a plan for recovering credits and completing their education within an alternative schedule."Ombudsman has an 85% success rate among its student body, meaning students graduate from Ombudsman Kamagra Oral Jelly Next Day Delivery or their home school district, improve their academic standing or earn necessary academic credits. Ombudsman is a division of Educational Services of America (ESA), the nation's leading provider of special and alternative education Viagra Pill 100 programs, and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools."Students drop out of school for a variety of reasons," Mark Claypool, president and CEO of ESA, said. "Some students have to work to support their families. Some feel they are too far behind academically to catch up and others sometimes feel like they just don't fit in at their school."Ombudsman Educational Services provides students an alternate route to earn a Bestellen Cialis high school diploma in a learning environment that's Cialis Reviews right for them," Claypool said. "For many students, the right environment "Hgh Jintropin Avis" includes personalized instruction in a small classroom setting with flexible schedules that accommodate their family and work responsibilities."The first day of the program in the fall will be August 1. At that time, three day Buy Viagra sessions will be available. take care of children, work to support their family, etc.) Two sessions will cater to high school students. Each session will be three hours. One session will cater to middle school students. That session will be four hours. The program will have two locations. One in Rossville, and another in Lafayette. In January, each center will add an additional session of night school. Each night school session will hold 20 students. The program will "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" focus on helping students recover credits and preventing students from dropping out of school. to add Chattanooga facilityVan de Wiele, Inc.


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