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Ward 8 race in full throttle

Barrie Ward 8 residents have five Cheap Cialis ways to vote in the Dec. 3 byelection.

Colin Wilson, Ghulam Jilani Buy Cialis Germany and Don MacNeil have joined Mike Ramsay and Arif Khan as candidates to replace Jennifer Robinson, who resigned Aug. 1 for personal health reasons.

may even be more (candidates), because this is the only slice in town, the only slice of the pie in town, Wilson said, in terms of political openings in Barrie.

just going to take a councillor that absolutely has their ear to the ground, and is very, very sensitive, added.

Wilson ran for the Liberals in the last Barrie federal election and finished behind Conservative MP Patrick Brown and New Democrat Myrna Clark in the May 2011 vote.

He Generic Cialis Uk Online Pharmacy said future land uses are the largest concerns for Ward 8 residents.

management of land development, and secondly is the rail land and the historic Allandale neighbourhood, the preservation of the neighbourhood, Wilson said.

to mix the demands of development pressure, with the utmost preservation of the historic Allandale neighbourhood that presents challenges for sure. issue might be out of the hands of politicians for a while.

The Correct Group of Companies (CCG) has filed a $28 million lawsuit against the City of Barrie, alleges breach of contract and bad faith on the city part in failed development talks for the old railway station property.

what important to everyone, coming out at the other end, legally and ending up with the right mix and fit of business there. It definitely a hot spot for future development, there no question about it, Wilson said.

MacNeil ran for Ward 8 councillor in the 2010 city election, placing fourth out of six candidates. He is co chairman of the Allandale Neighbourhood Association.

experience as a community advocate working with a wide range of social, community and government committees and organizations gives me unique knowledge and understanding of the issues that affect all of Ward 8, he said, in a media release.

a full time councillor I be able to greater assist my neighbours. Ward 8 needs effective representation. I know the people in city hall, I know the contacts and I know the issues as I live them every day with my neighbours in Ward 8 and that makes a difference. a businessman in Barrie, is also concerned about land use in Ward 8.

most important issue for me, at this point, is the annexed (former Innisfil) Cialis Online Reviews lands, he "Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.)" said. want them zoned for industrial development. No more houses there, because we need more jobs than houses. absorbed 5,664 acres of Innisfil in 2010 and is now in the process of planning its development.

Jilani said his second priority is the development of the Allandale Station land.

should renegotiate with them (CCG), before we waste taxpayer money, he said. could be a lot of money, and that taxpayer money. is also concerned about Barrie planning process being followed in Allandale.

value there is just going to go through the roof. When someone is looking to buy property and develop it there, they not looking at putting up a one storey or bungalow residential home. The land is so Levitra Dosage expensive, that it invites high rises because if you spending that much per square foot, they definitely want their investments taken care of, he said.

strong advocates about making sure that regulations and zoning get taken care of right now, before we start taking steps. also involved with the Allandale Neighbourhood Association.

Wilson said his city wide priorities Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.) include moving Barrie forward, not just for now but in 20 years.

not about quick gains for in Buy Cheap Jintropin Online and out development, it about really building a city that going to attract the right businesses long down the road. said the development of a downtown university campus is such a project.


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